Celebrate Adoption Awareness Month!

Jul 26, 2020

Email it.....

Put a short message about Adoption Awareness Month in your email signature.

Add links to our homepage www.adoptionsask.org


Adoption Awareness page www.adoptionoptions.com/adoption-awareness-month/

And/or our video www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yAW-3BZO_4

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Use your social media networks to spread the love. Don’t forget to platform for more ideas.


Screen it.....

Borrow a great adoption-related video, or an article from our blog or Facebook page that you can screen for your family or friends.

Hand it out.....

Ask your community school/ church/club/rec centre/coffee shop if you can place our agency brochures on a bulletin board or in the lobby. We can provide you with cards and brochures upon request.

Share it.....

Organize a presentation on adoption or share your own story at your work/school/community centre or in the media. Nothing promotes adoption like real family experience.

Write it.....

Send a letter to the editor of a local newspaper or the producer of a radio program/ TV talk show and encourage them to cover a story on adoption. Or write to thank them for an adoption story they’ve already done.

Publish it.....

Share a few words or a short testimony about your adoption journey to be posted on our website. Write a perspective or adoption article and submit it as a guest columnist on our blog.

Use it.....

Use and share Positive Adoption Language. This raises awareness, combats misconceptions and educates others about adoption as a positive option.

Find examples at


And more.....

Read a book about adoption and write a book review to share with other families formed through adoption or who are considering adoption as an option.

Have a family movie night and watch a movie that portrays adoption in a positive light.

Create a scrapbook with your child to honour the special way your family was formed.

Spend an afternoon celebrating your child’s heritage — food, activities, crafts.

As a family, light a candle in honour of your child’s birthparents. And as a family share some quality time validating each person for all the things you love about them.

Attend the Waiting and Adoptive Parents group.

Make a donation in your child’s or his/her birthmother’s name to a charitable organization, such as Adoption Options.