Support for Adoptees

Over a lifetime, adoptees may experience a wide variety of emotions and feelings about adoption. Most adoptees will experience curiosity about their adoption and will have questions. Developmental and socioemotional changes at various ages and stages over a lifetime will bring about different feelings and emotions connected to being an adoptee. These experiences will be unique for every adoptee. Each and every adoptee has the right to know they are adopted and they also have the right to explore and ask questions surrounding their adoption.

The staff at The Evermore Centre can provide you with informal support and answer questions you may have about issues related to being an adoptee. Please call our office to speak with a staff member.

Search and Reunion

The decisions and issues involved in choosing to make contact with a birth parent or birth family member can be challenging. Adoption reunions are an emotional experience sometimes with negative feelings, and may be years or even decades in the making. 

We encourage adoptees to seek support from others. Those who have experienced reunification can offer suggestions and support as you make your way.

In Saskatchewan adult adoptees (that were adopted in Saskatchewan through the Ministry of Social Services) may find information on their birth records by contacting Post Adoption Services.

Related Resources

Other Resources

The Evermore Centre has a Facebook Connection group for Adult Adoptees that are looking to connect in Saskatchewan for support and to share resources: Evermore Adult Adoptee Facebook Group

There is also a free Facebook group not associated with Evermore, where Adoptees can connect with volunteer “Search Angels” that assist in finding biological family members across Canada. Click the following link for more information: Free Canada Adoption/Family Search and Reunion