Intro to Adoption

types of adoption

Starting the process

What to consider

There are many types of adoption.

 We specialize in Domestic Adoption, defined as the adoption of a Saskatchewan child by a Saskatchewan person or family. However, Evermore provides resources and guidance for those exploring other forms of adoption and permanency.

Starting the Domestic Adoption Process

The first step to adopt domestically in Saskatchewan is to request and review the domestic adoption information e-package. You will be prompted to complete a form which provides us with some demographic information so we can get you started.

The next step is the Adoption Orientation program. As part of this, you are required to complete the Domestic Adoption Orientation (DAO). To get started, send back a completed registration form (included in the e-package) with the current program fee of $140.

Once you have completed the DAO, contact us and we will complete a formal referral to your Ministry of Social Services Adoption Supervisor. Once your case is in the hands of the ministry, we remain your source for information and support. Note: DAO must be completed within one year.

Considerations for Adoptive Parents

Are you thinking of adoption? It can be an exciting, meaningful experience, but it can also be a complicated process with many challenges through life stages. These challenges can affect your life and the life of the child in countless ways. Every child is unique, and there are many important issues you must consider before deciding that adoption is for you. Children and youth who were adopted will have needs related to being adopted. As you go through the adoption process, it’s important to be realistic about your ability to parent a child with specific needs and challenges. Seeking out credible information, resources and supports when needed will be of great benefit to you throughout your journey.