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The adoption of children within Saskatchewan.

Domestic Adoption (within Saskatchewan) is offered through the Ministry of Social Services (MSS) of Saskatchewan. This process involves the adoption of children under the permanent, legal guardianship of the Minister of Social Services as well as voluntary committals.

The Minister of Social Services becomes the legal guardian through either a Voluntary Committal process or a Permanent Order process.


In a Voluntary Committal, birth parents make an adoption plan directly with MSS and have the opportunity to participate in the selection of adoptive parent(s) from those who have been approved by MSS.


In a Permanent Order a judge rules that permanent wardship is in the best interests of the child/children. A child/children then become permanent wards of the Minister of Social Services. Adoption may be considered as the permanency plan for children with a permanent ward order after all options with biological and extended family have been explored.

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Is domestic adoption permanent?

Yes. Adoption is the permanent legal transfer of all parental rights from one person/couple to another person/couple.  Adoptive parents have the same rights and responsibilities as biological parents. Adoption is permanent. Adopted children should have all the legal , emotional, social and kinship benefits of biological children.

Am I too old to adopt?

No. In Saskatchewan, you must be at least 18 years of age to adopt. Beyond that, there are no age restrictions. However, if you are an older person or couple, you may be asked to consider school aged children or teens.

Can I adopt as a single or unmarried person?

Yes. Saskatchewan legislation recognizes that families come in all types of compositions. You can apply for domestic adoption as a Single Applicant.

I'm part of the LGBTQ2S community, can I adopt?

Yes. Saskatchewan legislation recognizes that families come in all types of compositions. You can apply for domestic adoption as a part of the LGBTQ2S community. Read more about LGBTQ2S and adoptive parenting.

How long does it take to adopt in Saskatchewan?

The length of time it takes to adopt a child varies and depends on a wide variety of factors. Applicants who are willing to support older children, sibling groups, or children with complex needs will be prioritized. First Nations and Métis families interested in adoption are prioritized as there is an ongoing need for First Nations and Métis adoptive families.

Note: Persons interested in infant adoption may experience significant wait times as infant adoptions do not occur frequently.

What are requirements in the approval process?

First, you will be required to complete the Domestic Adoption Orientation (DAO) Program with The Evermore Centre. Next, you will attend an intake with a MSS caseworker and complete an application form. You will then be required to participate in 27 hours of Parent Resources for Information, Development, & Education (PRIDE) training, 3 hours of the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Cultural Component, and the completion of a Mutual Family Assessment home study process, including a Criminal Record and Child Welfare Background Check.

Request a Domestic Adoption e-package.

What legislation governs adoption in Saskatchewan?

All adoptions are governed by The Adoption Act (1998) and The Adoption Regulations (2003).

Starting the Domestic Adoption Process

The first step to adopt domestically in Saskatchewan is to request and review the domestic adoption information e-package. You will be prompted to complete a form which provides us with some demographic information so we can get you started.

The next step is the Adoption Orientation program. As part of this, you are required to complete the Domestic Adoption Orientation (DAO). To get started, send back a completed registration form (included in the e-package) with the current program fee of $140.

Once you have completed the DAO, contact us and we will complete a formal referral to your Ministry of Social Services Adoption Supervisor. Once your case is in the hands of the ministry, we remain your source for information and support. Note: DAO must be completed within one year.

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