The Evermore Centre Community Adoption Resources

How do I become resource for adoption and permanency?

Being a community resource generally consists of supporting another person informally, or being involved in a relationship focused on supporting the growth and development of another. A Community Adoption Resource person will act as a source of support, provide wisdom based on experience, and a sense of community with others in like situations.

Sometimes the best information and support can be met through meeting others with similar interests and experiences. Building your circle of support in all areas of adoption can prove to be invaluable. 

The Evermore Centre aims to provide connections for support, education, encouragement, and community. Please note we will try to match you with a Community Adoption Resource that will meet your needs. Our list of community adoption resources may not encompass all aspects of adoption at all times as our list of community adoption resources changes from time to time.

Call us at 1-306-665-7272 for more information.

Become a Resource

Express your interest in being on our list of community resources.

Connect with a Resource

Connect with others who have agreed to support and share their experiences around adoption.