History & Impact

Our History

In 1987, a group of adoptive parents in Saskatchewan began meeting to support one another as adoptive parents, and eventually formed the Saskatchewan Adoptive Parents Association (SAPA). In 1993 SAPA became a non-profit, registered charity and Community Based Organization (CBO) under the direction of the Ministry of Social Services. In 2002, the Saskatchewan Adoptive Parents Association changed their name and mandate in order to more accurately reflect the population that the organization was serving to become the Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan Inc. (ASCS).

In 2022, we changed our name to “The Evermore Centre” to better reflect our organization’s focus on fostering permanent homes that create well being & long term stability for children. Permanency is an expansive term, with many important factors. Our previous name, Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan, no longer represents the breadth of work we do to support all forms of permanency, including adoption, but also legal guardianship and kinship care. The word “evermore” is a synonym for “forever, always”.

This change is an important step in the direction of reconciliation and deeper partnership with Indigenous communities. We recognize that Canada’s colonial legacy has negatively impacted many families, and with this name change, we aim to reflect cultural humility and a commitment towards healing.

Our Impact


Providing adoption and permanency support in Saskatchewan.

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