Youth Program

Youth Speak Out

Youth Speak Out is an exciting opportunity for youth to get involved in a dialogue related to how the systems they use impact them. The ultimate goal is to bring the youth voice to conversations around what is working and what is not working within the systems that children in care come into contact with and advocating for change within these systems.

Some examples of topics the YSO team have identified as topics for conversation are: the importance of permanent family connections for youth, supports for transitioning out of care, longer access to post secondary education, being included in conversations on decisions surrounding their care. The YSO team has an interest in presenting to persons who work in areas such as: Social Services, Health, Education, and Justice.

Being in care and aging out of care pose risk factors for children and youth. Aging out of care increases the risk of dropping out of school, homelessness, unemployment, poverty, reliance on social assistance, contact with the criminal justice system, mental illness, and poor health outcomes. Youth Speak Out will provide an avenue for youth to talk about these issues and take action!

What's Involved?
  1. Attend a weekend training  workshop (September)
  2. Attend monthly meetings.
  3. Attend skill development training opportunities.
  4. Participate in panel presentations where youth tell their stories.
Why Should Youth Become Involved?
  1. YSO is an opportunity to be part of a youth lead team - advocating for changes to systems that youth in care are in contact with.
  2. To tell their “lived experiences”; their stories are key to conversations around improving the systems that support them.
  3. It will help youth build a professional portfolio and resume.
What are the Criteria to Get Involved?

Youth who are:

  1. Between the ages of 14 to 26.
  2. Currently in  care of MSS, formerly in care, or adopted from care.
  3. Are willing to commit to participating in the YSO training, monthly meetings, and scheduled panel presentations.
How do Youth Get Involved?
  1. Complete a YSO application form.
  2. Participate in an intake conversation with one of the The Evermore Centre staff.