Fostering & Adoption

What is Foster Care?

Foster Care is an essential service for children, youth, and their families, who must live apart for a period of time. The primary goal of foster care is to provide children with a positive and safe family environment. Ultimately, the goal is to reunite children/youth with their families if it is safe to do so. Unfortunately there are times where this is not possible and children/youth need another form of permanency. Evidence shows that permanent family relationships are important to a child's development. Read more about permanency.

Saskatchewan does not have a foster-to-adopt program, If you are a foster parent caring for a child who is a permanent ward of the Ministry and you wish to be considered as a possible resource for adoption, you will need contact the child’s caseworker. It is important to note that Foster parenting a child or children does not guarantee an adoption placement.

There is always a need for caring families who are able to provide a safe and caring environment that will meet the needs of children.  If interested in Foster parenting, you may contact Saskatchewan Foster Families Association.