Waiting to Adopt

Available services

Rights of the Child


You've applied, now what?

The Evermore Centre provides services to those who are in the process of/or waiting to adopt a child or children into their family. The wait time should serve as a time to prepare by developing your parenting knowledge and building your circle of support in becoming an adoptive family. A variety of services are provided through The Evermore Centre at this stage of the process and all waiting families are encouraged to explore and access them. 

Services for Waiting Families

Workshops & Events

Explore a variety workshops, adoption-related events and informal support groups

Resources & Education

Materials and information for all aspects and stages of adoption.

Group and One-on-One Informal Support

Be connected with a community adoption resource parent(s) or other waiting families.


Informal support services through conversations, advocacy & referrals.


Connect with our network of trusted partners and support groups.

Lending Library

Borrow from our comprehensive adoption-based lending library for adults & children.

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Every child in Canada and around the world from birth to 18 has rights. Rights are what a child should have or be able to do to survive, thrive and meet their full potential. All rights are equally important and are connected to each other. We are born with these rights, and no one has the right to take them away.

For those who are in the waiting process for the adoption of a child or children the convention is an important reminder of these rights.