The Evermore Centre Launches “ADAPT” Virtual Teen Group!

Apr 14, 2021

The Evermore Centre launches 5 session virtual group "ADAPT" for teens ages 14-17!


“ADAPT” was created through a partnership between CFS and The Evermore Centre for adopted teens and teens living permanently with caregivers.

This virtual group will meet through the platform “Gather Town” in a fun and interactive way that will build an adoptive Teen community in our Province!


ADAPT will provide a place for teens ages 14-17yrs to come together and share stories, ideas and concerns in a safe environment. Groups like this are an essential place for teens to express feelings, give and get support, build lasting connections and ultimately “feel felt.” The importance of sharing space with those who walk the same path cannot be overemphasized.


The Evermore Centre has partnered with CFS to bring a fun and much needed meeting space for Teens and will be facilitated together by:


Zach from CFS, holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Psychology and is currently working on his final classes to complete a master’s degree in Counselling.  With over 10 years of experience working with youth at summer camps and non-profit organizations, Zach has developed a passion for supporting youth as they navigate the often tumultuous journey of adolescence.


Kelsey from The Evermore Centre, brings a lot of knowledge and experience regarding program planning, digital marketing, and communications. Kelsey has a strong personal connection to adoption being that she is an adoptee herself, and she is passionate about helping others in their journey. In her free time Kelsey enjoys spending time with her friends, family and dog Rider, watching football and visiting Minnesota whenever possible!


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