The Post-Adoption Registry maintains the provincial adoption records. If you want to access post-adoption services, file a veto, or require more information, please contact the Post-Adoption Registry. This guide provides information on Saskatchewan’s Post Adoption Registry Services. The services noted apply if adoptions were granted in the province.

Contact information for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services - Post Adoption Registry. You may be eligible for services if the adoption was finalized in Saskatchewan and you are: an adult adoptee (18+ years of age); an adoptive parent of an adoptee who is under 18 years of age; a birth parent of an adoptee; the adult child of a deceased adult adoptee; the adult child of a deceased birth parent whose child was placed for adoption; or an extended family member of an adult adoptee or birth parent."P: (306) 787-3654 Toll Free: 1-800-667-7539